Michigan and Detroit Wildlife Removal

At Michigan and Detroit Wildlife Removal, we provide full service wildlife control for Detroit property and homes. From everything to raccoons and bats to opossums and rodents, we are fully equipped to handle the management, removal, and prevention of nuisance animals.

The company prowildlifetrapping.com has been in business for more than 15 years and our dedicated team will go the extra mile to ensure your home is safe and secure. They offer a full range of services from raccoon and skunk trapping to attic clean out services due to animal damage and also animal proofing. Wildlife exclusion is very important because once an animal has enter the dwelling or space, there is so much odor that is left behind that as soon as they are gone a new animal will move into the now vacant area. Skunks, raccoon and squirrels are all territorial animals and will heavily mark their areas once they move in. You never want to just trap an animal and leave the area wide open. 

Because wild animal poop is so toxic and can be potentially dangerous, we offer professional poop removal services. This not only mean raccoon poop but we also offer dog poop removal and have weekly poop pick up programs in place if you need a scheduled service. So whether you need a full attic cleaned out to get rid of accumulated raccoon poop or you have a yard that has a full winters worth of poop that needs to be removed, give us a call. We have professional pooper scooper services ready to deploy!

Michigan Wildlife Control Services

We help control and remove wild animals from rats and bats to raccoons and  squirrels. Not only will we remove animals from properties, we also clean up and repair any damage they cause.

Raccoon Removal and Management Services

Raccoons can be a particularly tricky nuisance animal to remove. They typically get into home through holes in the roof and then nest in the insulation in attics. Aside from the irritating nighttime noises and frequent unpleasant smells, raccoons can destroy attics by gnawing wires and ripping apart ductwork. If you suspect you have raccoons, it is vitally important that you call a professional to remove them. Raccoons are very territorial, especially if they have just given birth to a new litter. This means that they have been known to charge at humans who come up to attics to remove them. Additionally, the feces that they leave in and around where they have been nesting can contain diseases and parasites incredibly hazardous to humans. We are raccoon removal experts and will get your home back from these nuisance animals as well as manage all the repairs and cleanup.

Bats and Birds Control and Removal Services

Bats and birds cause a unique set of problems for homeowners. Birds and bats frequently nest attics and crawlspaces or under the eaves of your roof. While they may not seem like a huge problem, they can bring parasites, pests, and diseases into your home making your family and pets susceptible to illnesses. They are incredibly difficult animals to remove and bats and birds are frequently protected by local and state laws that require specific removal and control techniques to ensure they are unharmed. We are bat and bird removal experts and are specially trained in these removal techniques and will ensure that your home is professionally cleaned and restored back to pre-animal condition.

Groundhog Control and Removal Services

Groundhogs or woodchucks actually cause more damage than homeowners know. These burrowing animals can dig up gardens and vegetable patches, destroy the area under your deck or front porch and their intricate series of tunnels can have multiple entry points and go up to 30 feet deep. Professional experts are usually your best bet to get rid of these animals before they cause any damage to underground wires, cables, and/or sprinkler lines. We provide a complete and exhaustive survey of your property to find out where the tunnels are and what they could be impacting. We then form a plan of action with you and will fully and humanely remove the groundhogs and repair any damages they have caused.

Chipmunk and Squirrel Trapping and Control

Chipmunks and squirrels are common animals in almost every neighborhood. While these animals are generally harmless and cause little damage, they can find their way into your home and nest in your attic or crawl space. Chipmunks can create deep burrows that can disrupt the foundation of your home and cause water problems for your basement. Squirrels can gain entry into your attic and gnaw on wires, trample down insulation can be a general loud disruption for your everyday life. We perform the same exhaustive survey of your home and property that we do with groundhogs for these nuisance animals and will ensure their removal from your property,

Opossum Removal and Management Services

Opossums are tricky nuisance animals to spot. Because they are nocturnal, you may only ever see signs of them instead of actually seeing them. One serious sign may be the smell of a decaying animal corpse, which the opossum dragged into its home under your porch or stoop. This can be a doubly unpleasant problem but thankfully we are the best local opossum removal and will fully remove and clean out the opossum and their den to prevent any further problems.

Other Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Our expertise is not just limited to skunks, raccoons, opossums, and chipmunks. We have the latest training to deal with all types of animals that may get into your home or be causing problems on your property.

Michigan and Detroit Wildlife Experts

At Michigan and Detroit Wildlife Removal, you can trust that our highly trained and dedicated team know what they are doing. Our 15 years of experience dealing with the Michigan animals have made us experts in the area and we are proud to serve Michigan

If you suspect you may be dealing with a nuisance animals in or around your home or just want an inspection to be sure, the experts at Michigan and Detroit Wildlife Control have you covered! Give us a call!